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Wild Apple Kennel and Guide Service
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This blog will try to present a running account of the training and field trialing season for the pointers of Wild Apple Kennel. NOW ACCEPTING BOOKINGS FOR THE 2015 GROUSE AND WOODCOCK SEASON WITH WILD APPLE KENNEL GUIDE SERVICE! PHONE NUMBERS 603-449-3419 OR CELL 603-381-8763.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Puppies First Grouse

After a few quail at the quail pen we continued on our morning walk and we walked up a grouse that flew right out in front of the puppies who just stood and watched it fly until they realized it was just a bigger version of the quail they've been chasing around and took off after it.  Shot a quick video and a couple new pictures. Enjoy.

There's a quail that buried itself in here somewhere.

They're still looking for it.

After the Quail flushed Big Blaze got up on the rock to see the bird fly better!

Monday, April 15, 2013


Heading for the quail pen, I still have four puppies in a bunch.

This one got behind and was hurrying to catch up.

I'm King of the mountain!!!

It was so nice this afternoon that when we got back to the yard I just let them play for another 30 minutes.  This ones's found some treasure and will play keep-a-way with for quite awhile.

Various versions of tag and wrestling matches seem to go on with the contestants constantly changing.

The stone wall looks imposing but really isn't much of an obstacle to these guys.

Two points for a takedown!!!

Puppies Week One

Jack X Belle puppies after a week in New Hampshire.

Having fun with the pups despite the weather (This winter really wants to hang on).  We had one day where we didn't go out as it was just too cold and snowy.  Our walks are up to 20 to 30 minutes and includes a stop at the quail pen.  Yesterday there were three birds walking around the pen (they were still out from the day before) and the puppies found them.  We followed the birds into the woods and had a second find.  That's all I want at this point.  They're starting to hunt a little and use their noses.  It is utterly amazing to see them react to the birds the sound of wings and the sight of the bird fires the little buggers up already.  Saturday all four of them saw a bird I released fly into one of the clumps of cover in the bird field.  They all ran over there and flash pointed as they tried to figure out where the bird was.  The closest pup saw it and put it to wing and they all chased it.  

Nothing seems to faze these pups.  There's snow patches everywhere, lots of ground water,  even cut through a big raspberry cane patch with them yesterday.  they just all come a long with me keeping track most of the time.  If they get distracted a little whistle gets them to the front again.  It's supposed to be in the upper 50s today so, they'll get out a couple times.  More pictures to come.