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Wild Apple Kennel and Guide Service
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This blog will try to present a running account of the training and field trialing season for the pointers of Wild Apple Kennel. NOW ACCEPTING BOOKINGS FOR THE 2015 GROUSE AND WOODCOCK SEASON WITH WILD APPLE KENNEL GUIDE SERVICE! PHONE NUMBERS 603-449-3419 OR CELL 603-381-8763.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wild and not so wild birds

My daughter and granddaughter helping with the bird planting. 

I've got added help here at the kennel for a while.  my daughter Meghan and Granddaughter Ellis are here visiting.  Mostly Ellis just rides the four-wheeler and her mother makes sure she doesn't drive off while I'm planting birds, but it sure is fun having them here.  We've been getting out into the woods and all the older dogs are starting to run and hunt well, but we're not finding a lot of wild birds yet.  The most consist birds have been up behind the house on our 30 minute training loop that we save for puppies.  yesterday and today we had at least one brood and a single grouse.  Wild Apple Polka Dot is one of those pups that always seems to be around the birds and had a great piece of work on a brood yesterday.  Saw here on point and when I head towards her a 1/2 grown grouse got up behind her and she didn't move.  I took a couple more steps and the one in front of her flushed with Dottie in hot pursuit.  Then Willow swung in and pointed a third one.  A little further along Mollie pointed a single.

Wild Apple Polka Dot pointing her first pigeon.

A couple of hot and humid mornings kept us in the yard and working the youngest puppies on pigeons after a trip around the training loop.  Willow may not have the style of our FDSB setters but she definitely has the nose and is now pointing and holding her birds.

Willow an Orange Belton English Setter has started pointing.

Tim K's pups from the breeding of Stokely's Frankie B X CH Jonesy's Rebels Revenge got to see some pigeons today as well and both were looking good.  As I'm typing this there is a front passing through bringing cooler, dryer air in for the next few days.  Forecast calls for highs in the 70s for the next three days and lows in the morning of 50 or less.

Tim K's Angie on a pigeon in the bird field.

Tim K's Dot pointing her first pigeon this morning.